5 Secrets to a Super Clean Bathroom

Bathrooms get gross fast. But it is possible to have a sparkling clean bathroom all of the time. The best way to keep your bathroom spotless is to clean it frequently. The more you clean the bathroom, the less time each session will take. Plus, it reduces the build-up of soap scum and water residue.

Cleaning the bathroom is important for the health of your family. According to WebMD, tons of germs, organisms, allergens, and bacteria, thrive in the bathroom. Some of these include: gastrointestinal viruses, E. coli, salmonella, shigella, staphylococcus aureus (“staph”) bacteria, and Group A Strep, and more (WebMD).

Professional Bathroom Cleaning Services

Here are 5 secrets to maintaining a super clean bathroom.

  1. Everyone plays a part. It makes sense that the more people in a household, the more frequently a bathroom needs cleaned. It is helpful to have a rotating cleaning schedule, allowing all members to perform the unpleasant, but necessary, task of cleaning and sanitizing the bathroom. In addition, each family member needs to be trained on how to clean the bathroom. Cleaning the bathroom is important, but it is essential to clean it the right way.
  2. Strip it down. The very first step is to strip down the bathroom. Remove all towels, rugs, accessories, and objects on your sink and shower area. You can move them into the hallway for the time being. Also, now is a good time to take out the trash.
  3. Let the cleaners do their jobs. Then, allow the chemicals to do the work for you. Spray or pour the chemicals where they may need to sit, like the toilet bowl, sink, and shower. Be careful though! If you are using strong chemicals like bleach, keep the door open and you might even wear a mask. Children can be provided with less harsh all-purpose cleaners for this task and show them how to safely use them with gloves.
  4. With a broom or vacuum, prep the floors for the mop. Pay attention to corners and around the toilet…those areas accumulate hair and lint. Now you can mop the floors, making them sparkling clean. While your floor is drying, why not run the rugs through the laundry? This should be done at least once a week.
  5. Spray it down. Every area in the bathroom should be wiped down. Don’t forget those nooks and crannies and make sure to wipe down the walls, baseboards, towel racks, ect. By this time, the cleaner you put down in the tub, sink, and toilet should have loosened.
  6. Hire it out. It is important for your health and peace of mind to keep the bathroom spick and span. With the hectic pace of life, getting your bathroom cleaned professionally saves you time and stress of completing the task as frequently as needed. Make sure to get highly regarded industry experts, like Brilliant Results Cleaning Services, to do the job. Call us today to schedule your cleaning (219) 476-9355.