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Our History

Brilliant Results Cleaning Service started as a part-time office cleaning business in December of 2009. Since May of 2011 we have been servicing the area’s residential home cleaning needs. Our main goal as a company is to build a relationship with our clients founded on trust and integrity that evolves into recurring services.


To request a cleaning or more information we ask that you click here and use our request a quote form so that we can properly answer all of your questions.


A more detailed Q&A is provided when a quote is requested.


Q: What are labor hours?
A: Our pricing is based on home size as well as labor hours. If a home is scheduled for 6 labor hours, a team of two would complete the home in 3 hours, as the time is divided amongst the team.


Q: What should I expect for my first cleaning?
A: Cleanings are scheduled in 2-hour arrival windows. You will be notified when your cleaning team of 2 or 3 members is on their way. The home will be cleaning according to a level according to which package is selected. Then the team will leave after the cleaning, locking up the home as specified by the homeowner. Lastly, after your cleaning you will be sent and asked to fill out a 1-click survey asking you to rate the cleaning out of 5 stars.


Q: What are your accepted payment methods?
A: While we do accept checks and cash, we prefer to have a debit or credit card on file. You must fill out our secure payment information box located on our website at least 1 day before your scheduled cleaning. The card will NOT be charged until AFTER the cleaning has occurred.


Q: Who do I contact in case of an emergency?
A: If an employee is seriously injured please call 9-1-1. If the emergency is related to the home or cleaning, please contact our office at (219) 476-9355.


Q: I have a question/comment/concern about my cleaning, what do I do?
A: Please contact our office by phone at (219) 476-9355 or by email at


Q: How can I trust the cleaners in my home?
A: All our employees are carefully interviewed, pass a background screening, pass a risk assessment examination, and are interviewed again. Once hired, they begin an orientation process that includes our DVD training system; we then provide ongoing employee development to ensure the teams are following company policy.


Q: Do I need to provide any supplies for the cleaning?
A: No, we provide all our own equipment to remain consistent in our cleanings.


Q: I am scheduled as a recurring client and need to skip a cleaning; do I still have to pay?
A: No, any client can reschedule a cleaning if it is 48 hours prior to the original date.