Benefits to a Clean Home

Whether you’re a neat freak or would be okay never cleaning a thing again, the truth is that cleaning is good for you in more ways than one. More than the joys and freedom of a cleaner home and more than the benefit of spacious room. So, if you need motivation to clean your home or hire someone to clean your home here are some additional reasons to do so.

Sitting in clean home

Reasons to clean your home

Having a cleaner house statistically will make you exercise more. The clean house subconsciously triggers your mind and encourages you to exercise more. You can even count cleaning your home as exercise! Maybe you’re too busy to keep a clean home and exercise, this way you can multitask. 

Along with a clean home, there is no better way to sleep then in clean sheets and a made bed. This small chore can bring huge benefits to your sleep that would greatly outweigh the hassle of making your bed in the morning.
In a study by Florida State University researchers found that washing your dishes can clear your mind and allow for a mindful meditation reducing stress and boosting immune systems. Going to bed knowing your sink is full of dirty, smelly dishes can cause you stress and keep you distracted while you sleep. This goes for other spaces in your home too. In fact, researchers for the journal Psychological Science found that people existing in a tidy environment and twice as likely to grab a more nutritious snack like an apple. 

The final benefit we are going to talk about is the release for frustration that cleaning allows. When you get mad, your body reacts to make you more restless. So, if you’re angry and feel you must be doing something, try cleaning.

Cleaning and having a clean home has many benefits for your body and mind. If you don’t have time to do the cleaning, give us a call and we can see how we can help you!