The Truth About High-touch Surfaces

Germs…the invisible enemy. Well, not completely invisible, but we can’t see germs with our naked eyes. With COVID-19 cases climbing and flu season around the corner, individuals and families are worried about maintaining a germ-free environment. School is opening and many essential workers trudging to work with masks and hand sanitizer. How do you keep […]

Cleaning for Allergies

Have you seen the white cotton floating in the air like itchy snow? Hay fever, or allergies, is a common discomfort felt by Northwest, Indiana. Basically, your immune system has a reaction to allergens and you develop uncomfortable symptoms like runny nose, itchy/watery eyes, and sneezing. Although spring is a particularly itchy season for many […]

Parenting Hack: How to Keep the Kids’ Bedrooms Clean

Picture books, toys, little socks, and dust bunnies…tackling kids’ mess is quite a stress! How do you get your children to put away their things and keep a happy, healthy room? Read on to learn some helpful parent hacks from someone who has been there! Kids’ rooms get a lot of love and play. Many […]

How to Clean Your Bedroom the Right Way

Your bedroom is your sanctuary. After all, you can relax, rest, and rejuvenate in your bedroom better than anywhere else. Since you spend a lot of time in your bedroom, it comes as no surprise that it gets dirty. Bedrooms are prone to dust bunnies, cobwebs, spills, overflowing trashcans, clutter, and more. What is the […]

10 Tips for a Sparkling Clean the Guestroom

Bust out the buttery popcorn, buy a crisp, new pack of cards… let’s have a slumber party! As adults, we’ve grown out of sleeping bags on the rock-hard ground. Guestrooms allow for a comfortable, relaxing, grownup slumber party. When you beautifully prepare the guestroom, it shows that you care about your friends and family’s comfort. […]

How to Clean Your Living Room in 7 Easy Steps

It’s quittin’ time! Nothing feels better than crashing down on the couch at the end of a long, stressful day. Living rooms are the place where we can relax and enjoy our families. They are the center of the home which means they get dirty quick! It’s hard to fully relax when you are among […]

Brilliant Results Gabriel’s Horn Donation Drive

At Brilliant Results Cleaning Service, we are passionate about supporting our neighbors in crisis. We are a locally owned and operated Valparaiso company and we are collecting items for the homeless this December. Ashley Vrancks, Operations Manager, had the idea to collect items for Gabriel’s Horn, a local homeless shelter for women and children. The […]

5 Secrets to a Super Clean a Bathroom

Bathrooms get gross fast. But it is possible to have a sparkling clean bathroom all of the time. The best way to keep your bathroom spotless is to clean it frequently. The more you clean the bathroom, the less time each session will take. Plus, it reduces the build-up of soap scum and water residue. […]

More People are Hiring Cleaning Services: Here’s Why

Got a mess? The need for skilled cleaners, like Brilliant Results Cleaning Service, is rising for families and businesses in Northwest Indiana. It’s easy to understand why. With work, family, school, and other chores and obligations, cleaning the can go undone. Without properly organizing, dusting, and sanitizing, the home or office becomes a place of […]

How Often Should You Vacuum?

You love a clean house, but don’t always love to clean. Cleaning is an everyday chore and some days, you are worn out from work, kids, or aches and pains, and just bring yourself to clean! Vacuuming is a large part of a cleaning ritual, but does it need to be done daily? The answer […]