Parenting Hack: How to Keep the Kids’ Bedrooms Clean

Picture books, toys, little socks, and dust bunnies…tackling kids’ mess is quite a stress! How do you get your children to put away their things and keep a happy, healthy room? Read on to learn some helpful parent hacks from someone who has been there!

Hacks for cleaning children's room

Helpful Parent Hacks for Cleaning Children’s Rooms:

Kids’ rooms get a lot of love and play. Many times, they are smaller than other rooms in the house, so they clutter quickly. With a little planning, you can teach your children how to take responsibility of their belongings an keep the room under control.

The first thing is to manage expectations. Many kids are messy — we are sure you noticed! You might have to repaint kids’ rooms more than others in the house. You may even need to replace carpets and other things may get broken. This depends on your child’s personality and their age. It is frustrating to need to replace things. However, with a little practice, children can take care of their own rooms. When they become more invested in their property, they may start to value it more and treat it kindly.

Lead by example. Before bed each day, do a quick pick-up of your own room. Things fall on the floor or wind up in a place they don’t belong. You don’t need to wipe or vacuum your room every single day (unless you are sick!) but set an example for your children of a healthy tidy routine.

Before bedtime stories and kisses, encourage your children to tidy their room. Children as young as 2 and 3 should be able to put their toys in the bin and put dirty clothes and towels in the hamper. Before long, you won’t even have to remind your children to perform these tasks! They will just do it. Having a nightly routine like this keeps their rooms under control and ready to be cleaned properly when it is time.

Don’t forget incentives! Not only will you alleviate some stress off of yourself, your children can learn that responsibility leads to positive outcomes. Since they are better about picking up toys, maybe they can earn a brand-new book or toy or some extra minutes on technology. Make it fun!

Although having a daily cleaning routine keeps things under control, children’s rooms should be deep cleaned frequently. They bring home lots of germs from school and other activities, so keeping their room sanitized is extremely important. You can leave that to us! At Brilliant Results, we can clean your kids’ rooms top to bottom so you don’t have to! Calling us saves you time and stress and more time for fun! Call us today to schedule your cleaning (219) 476-9355.