Mother’s Day and Messes

Another Mother’s Day came and went and we hope that all you moms out there felt special and loved because here at Brilliant Results Cleaning, we know you are. 

Here’s to all the moms who clean crayon off the wall, food thrown across the room, juice spills, and many, many more. With everything on your plate, stressing about these messes should be the last thing you do. So, here are few tricks to clean those pesky messes so you don’t have to stress.  

Mother's day messes

Cleaning Tricks For Pesky Messes

When it comes to removing crayon off the wall, we have heard some crazy, different solutions from mayonnaise to WD-40. Our favorite way is to heat up the crayon wax on the wall and use dish detergent to wipe away the crayon.
With food stains, whether on clothes or carpet, maybe from an impromptu spaghetti food fight, it is important to get the area soaking with a mixture of cold water, white vinegar and dish soap. Next rub the spot and rinse. If the stain only got lighter, repeat the process. 

Next, let’s think about some art projects gone wrong. Perhaps some paint got on your table. Without scratching the table, try using a credit card to scrape off the paint. Then pour a few drops of olive oil on the left-over marks and cover the spot. If this works, you will be able to wipe the paint right up. 

Lastly, though we hate to say, we have heard it, going to get your baby from the crib and realizing what was once in the diaper, isn’t anymore. Believe me, you’ll laugh about it later. You’ll want to immediately apply stain treatment and soak in cold water. You can apply bleach to the laundry or soak using dish soap.

With any pesky stains, feel free to give us a call so we can help you tackle it and keep your home clean.