Spring Cleaning Tips

The first day of Spring is an exciting time for many reasons. The main one being the end of the dreaded snowfall and hopefully I did not just jinx that. However, where there is Spring, there is a phrase, “Spring Cleaning.” Maybe you’ve heard of it? Maybe you’ve dreaded that saying more than the snow? Well, if you do, here are a few tips so you can get it done most efficiently.

Woman Doing Spring Cleaning Tips

Efficient Spring Cleaning Tips

Kitchen –
When cleaning your kitchen move around the room clockwise beginning on the right of the stove. The stove being the dirtiest makes it great to do last. You can let the drip pans and burner tops soak and by finishing with your stove you are avoiding spreading the grease around the kitchen.

Bathroom –
Never underestimate how dirty the top rim of your shower can get and be prepared to throw out a good chunk of expired stuff.
By using microfiber cloths instead of folded paper towels, you eliminate other cleaning products and can clean floors, counters, glass and tile with one reusable wipe. 

Bedroom –
Use this spring cleaning time as an opportunity to start making your bed every morning. When your bed is made, your whole room will look cleaner. The same goes for your drawers full of clothes you don’t wear. Don’t be afraid to get rid of them!

This is our brief list of spring cleaning tips as it is a large task. If you are looking for help or have any questions about how we can help you, give us a call!